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Founded by Thomas E. Norsworthy in Kansas City, MO, 54th Street restaurant is a restaurant franchise. The proprietor had a concept for a restaurant and bar that would appeal to diners and bar patrons while also providing superior cuisine and drink quality. With an eclectic and vintage-style environment that can handle both a bustling bar crowd and a continuously full dining room, the outcome is an excellent eating experience for customers.


Additionally, much of the food served at the restaurant is prepared fresh each day. The restaurant’s motto: ‘Great cuisine begins with top quality meats and ingredients, fresh vegetables, and dishes created from scratch’ Don’t worry; however, 54th Street café retains its informal eating rates despite its posh decor and “Made from Scratch Cooking.” The idea has been dubbed “Casual Dining Done Right!” by some.

54th Street is always ready to greet you. Join your friends, family, or loved ones for a night out to celebrate a particular event, or perhaps fly alone. In the end, it’s up to you. Join to get a taste of 54th street and pass it on to others.

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About 54th Street Cafe

Thomas E. Norsworthy established 54th Street café in 1989 in Kansas City, Missouri. While delivering superior food and drink than national chain rivals, he envisioned a location that could handle a constantly busy dining room and a bustling bar. Fresh vegetables, high-quality meats and products, and dishes created from scratch are at the heart of 54th Street’s philosophy when it comes to cuisine. 


There is something for everyone in the extensive selection of scratch-made dishes. It is the pledge at Five-Four that they will continue to provide ample amounts of home-cooked food and drink at fair prices for the foreseeable future. 54th Street café is always ready to greet you. Join your friends, family, or loved ones for a night out to celebrate a particular event, or perhaps fly alone. In the end, it’s up to you. Join 54th street, get a taste of 54, and pass it on to others.

Name Concept of 54th Street Café.

Since day one, the mission at 54th Street café has been to continuously develop and expand the facilities to set itself apart from the competition. Consequently, Five-interior Four’s and exterior have taken on a more premium casual feel while preserving the lower costs of a casual eating establishment. Specifically, Tom Norsworthy collaborated with experts to develop a new appearance that complimented the original idea. 

Both the inside and outside of the house have been improved. In the evening, the building’s façade contains neon-capped illumination that softens its shape and makes it stand out as an architectural masterpiece. For the benefit of both adults and children, the restaurant’s interior has more etched glass, better furnishings, and a new TV package. The new restaurants in San Antonio, TX, fit well into the Five-Four model, and they are convinced that the guests will have the best possible experience.

Controlled Climate Seating areas

The high-volume sites have a unique indoor/outdoor climate-controlled dining space for nearly nine months of the year. Every restaurant will have new terraces in the future.

The new patios have a complete bar with booze and food service. Creating an outdoor dining space while regulating all of the environmental irregularities of a conventional competitor’s deck is yet another unique idea established by the company. Guests that like spending time outside will get the best of both worlds with this option!

Seating Areas at Texas Location

It’s a fresh look for the outdoors at the Texas sites. Glass nana walls open to tables and couch-style sitting around a live fire pit in addition to climate-controlled patios. 54th street cafe created a joyful and relaxed environment because of the year-round mild weather. There are a few Texas outdoor sites where you may find a waterfall!

54th Street Café & Draft House

54th street café has expanded the number and variety of beers on tap at City Base West in San Antonio, TX, and will continue to do so. For these locations, 54th street restaurants have changed the name to reflect that they are serving up to 54 hand-picked craft beers from across the globe. Blizzard 29-degree draft beer, which employs cutting-edge technology to keep your suds at 29 degrees, is also available at the establishment. This is the coldest beer you’ll ever find in town!

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