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54th Street Grill and Bar is breaking the stereotype that all food served in such stalls is unhealthy and imposes serious health risks. Thomason E founded this street food corner that serves both the requirement of the bar and dining food at the same time with health benefits. This food corner has an extensive menu that hides something very delicious for all the people who visit there.


This is a common practice that when any restaurant undergoes up gradations there is a striking increase in their menu prices. 54th Street Grill and Bar undergo continuous interior and exterior up-gradation with time under the same food prices. Thomason worked incorporation with many builders that have changed the exterior and interior look of 54th street.

The exterior of this food corner gives a glimpse of the architectural building because of neon-capped lighting. The Interior of five four streets looks classier by extensive use of glass items, also has TV space and above all separate sitting area for young and children. Visitors who want to enjoy the outdoor serving of 54th Street Grill and Bar find this place out of the world that makes a calm and silent relationship with both surroundings.

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Five-four street grilled food benefits

Five-four street food takes all the calories from food and delivers healthy, full of nutrition items to your table. This food provides an equal chance to people who are on a diet and want to taste some delicious but calorie control diet. This five-four street provides you a chance of togetherness with friends and family that not only refreshes your mind but provides you food nutrition even after eating street food.


54th street products are particularly cooked for those who don’t want to put their lives in danger by consuming health-hazardous ingredients. The motto of this food corner is to provide healthy, nutritious, and scratch food to keep the outdoor dining experience good and memorable. Crispy onion rings, gluten-free buns, taco meat, and fire-grilled chicken are a few famous grilled food items.

Helps in weight loss

When it comes to the nutritional value of 54th street their grilled menu helps a lot in weight loss. While grilling excess fats melt and are removed from food lowering the fat intake to a great extent. Unlike frying, where there is excess need for oil to fry food 54th Street Grill and Bar only uses a few swatches of oil over the cooking item.

Grilled food retains the moisture of food, and thus lowers the commodities and spice requirement for the cooking dish.

Preserved nutrients and minerals

Grilling is a healthy way of cooking meat dishes as it maintains the vitamin and minerals content of the meal. 54th street products are healthy because they are cooked in less time, thus more preservation of nutrients that may lose during excess cooking.

Lesser health risks

Health is vital for everyone but no one can keep himself away from outdoor food items to eat. 54th Street Grill and Bar is providing grilled foods on its menu that use its fat to cook, thus lowering the requirement of any other preservative from outside.70 percent of salt is added to the body by taking restaurants food, but this is not true for 54th street food items.

54th Street Grill and Bar Menu

54th Street Grill and Bar provides you with a long and extensive menu where you can get some healthy drinks to refresh your mind and mood. Beverages, margaritas, coke tails, and beer all are included in the bar menu of 54th street. These beverages also fulfill the nutritional value of 54th street food items by providing some healthy cocktails both for young and adults.

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Final words

54th Street Grill and Bar allows you to take some time to enjoy and be healthy by consuming fewer calories. This street food is open for takeaway, online order or you can enjoy the restaurant environment by enjoying a delicious meal at the location.