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When you are looking for fresh and healthy food with a spicy touch restaurant 54Th street is the best choice for you. This street is 2km long founded by Thomas in Missouri. Here you will delight at home and enjoy food in a relaxed and comfortable environment. One of the main features that keep this street from other typical restaurants is the nutritional value of food is high and all food is supplied at much fewer prices.


54Th street restaurant is open up for all occasions to make every hour with your loved ones special and memorable. The health of all visitors is kept on priority by providing healthy drinks and preparing all items with scratch foods instead of using preserved food items. This street keeps itself updated with time to provide healthy competition with its competitors, but still, its prices are casual and normal as compared to its health benefits.

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54Th Street Menu and Prices

54th street restaurant has more than 150 dishes that include family deals, happy, hours, deserts, seafood, and many more. All the ingredients used in the production of these food items are healthy and protect from diseases that are common in other restaurants’ spicy food.

Family size rattlesnake pasta

54Th street family meals have many options that can be served to you at fewer prices. Clear form 54Th street menu with prices this pasta is available in $40.00 and sufficient to provide nutrition for the whole family. Rattlesnake pasta is an excellent source of vitamin A, C, and dietary fiber.  This food item can be a source of weight loss if consumed once or twice a week.


This healthy family meal gives you 630 calories from fats and provides enough proteins to keep you active and fresh for other parts of the day.

Sizzling fajita skillet

According to the 54Th street menu with prices, this fajita skillet is ready to provide nutrients to the whole family for just $40.00. Fajita skillet is one of the famous dishes from Mexico and are healthy choices over other fried food. Not just in taste this food item has only 200 calories from fats that are not too much even if you are on diet.

54Th street munchies

This five-four street not only provides you with food items to fulfill your appetite but many munchies snacks can fulfill your food cravings. Just like 54Th street family meals, these munchies are also suitable and provide nutritional value to the person.

Chicken quesadilla

Chicken quesadilla is a healthy food item that is available in 54Th street restaurants that not only enhances your mood but is also nutritional for you. This particular food item is healthy for everybody but as this item has more protein content, this is useful for bodybuilders to develop strength.  According to the 54Th street menu with prices feature you can buy this healthy snack for just $10.00.

Super nachos

Nacho is another five-four street snack that is delicious and healthy at the same time. Thus dish has Mexican origin with many health benefits. You can get dietary fiber from these nachos that will keep your bones strong and prevent constipation. According to the chart with the heading 54Th street menu with prices, these healthy munchies are available for $11.00 to the public.

Mile high burgers

Mile high burgers are another food menu that is available on 54Th street. Ranging from $9 to $13, this food category provides healthy and yummy food to those people who want to enjoy fast food with high nutritional value.

Avocado burgers

Burgers are always the attention of young people and teenagers to fulfill their food requirements. Ordinary burgers are not healthy as they lead to inflammation which is a major reason for many heart issues. The avocado burger has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the heart from any disturbance that can be possible while eating a normal burger. Displayed on the chart of the 54Th street menu with prices this healthy fast food is available for just $13.00.

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Final words

54th Street is a famous restaurant in terms of quality of food with high nutritional value. These foods are not only for people who want to gain or lose fat but are useful for bodybuilders as they are prepared from scratch food. We hope you find this article on the 54Th street menu with prices useful and get to know about famous food items and their nutritional values.

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