Breaking the Poverty Cycle in 8 Steps

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Breaking poverty cycle takes effort, motivation, and willingness to self-analysis. But, it is possible and breaking the cycle of poverty can produce wonderful results.


Following these 8 steps to adjust your attitude towards wealth and abundance can turn a new and better page in your life.

At each step, we’ll share with you practical tips that you can apply in your daily routine to witness a pleasant difference.

You’ll notice that most of these tips are about restructuring your existing negative thoughts and changing your attitude towards life’s challenges.

With time these approaches become your habits and you no longer require to concentrate on putting the right foot forward.

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1) Drop Negative Language and Words

For breaking poverty cycle, the very first thing which you need to do is to stop speaking the “language of Poverty”. You need to stop referring to wealth in negative language.

The basis for many of these negative words would’ve come from your immediate family or social circles in which you grew up.

For example:

  • “People like us don’t do such things”
  • “We could never afford that!”

And more common responses like:

  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees” (Which is factually correct but it focuses on a negative thought of lacking)

All these examples make you a victim and a helpless person who has no control over his financial future. Changing your language can have a great impact on achieving abundance in life.

2) Change Your View of Wealth

Changing the way you look at wealth is also an important aspect for breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Viewing money, not from the perspective of a person who lacks it and is fearful about this lack, but from a perspective of a person who welcomes money and expects to receive it, will have a direct benefit.

Visualization exercises can help a lot in this regard. For example, you can exercise imagining yourself enjoying the wealth and abundance in your life and feeling relaxed and confident.

The catch here is to associate wealth with opportunity growth and well-being instead of linking money with anxiety jealousy and insecurity.

3) Do Gratitude Exercises

Anything which undermines the negativity of the poverty mindset helps in breaking the cycle of poverty. Gratitude is one of those things.

When you start focusing more on what you have (e.g. people, things, places and personal strengths, etc.) you move more towards a positive mental space. This attitude should relate more to abundance in life rather than what you lack in life.

You should try to practice gratitude every day. The best way is to write a gratitude journal every evening. You don’t even need to explain the entries; you can only list 5 to 7 things you’re grateful for that day.

It is not necessary to list things related to wealth only. The point of this whole exercise is to pay attention to the good things in your life.

4) Learn to Relax

A notable difference between a Rich and Poverty Mindset is that a Rich mindset has a relaxed attitude towards wealth.

This may not seem correct but a relaxed mindset is based upon the self-belief that getting wealth and prosperity in life is destiny and you simply need to walk and take what is rightfully yours.

Opposite to this is a mindset that banks on the idea that money is hard to get so you’ll have to move mountains and go like a chicken with its head cut off to attain wealth and abundance in life.

Multiple types of relaxation exercises can be practiced like meditating, reading, listening to music and doing art-work, etc. You can make a list of these exercises which helps you to relax and practice them regularly before or after the events which trigger anxiety related to money.

5) Make a Plan to Achieve your Goal

To get rid of a poverty mentality it is most essential that you should have a solid Plan. Every step you take should be in alignment with this master plan.

It includes moving from a position of helpless creature to the position of a person who has the capacity to take actions and change things according to his/her likings. Ultimately, planning things ahead is an active approach rather than a reactive one.

If you have a huge goal and idea of planning overwhelms you, then you can split this huge goal of yours into small milestones. And then make a plan for achieving each of these milestones by taking one step at a time. Every time you achieve a milestone, pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to feel proud of it. This is a good way to keep yourself motivated for achieving all milestones of your huge Plan.

6) Remember Self-Care

Taking time to relax and nurture yourself is of equal importance to working consistently towards breaking the poverty cycle. You need to keep a check on warning signs that you’re exhausted (e.g feeling low, irritable, weary, and annoyed). The moment you experience any of these signs, you should take immediate actions to address these issues. With time, you’ll become better at identifying these burn-out signs before the situation gets worse. So that these problems can be addressed efficiently.

Also note that there may be multiple ways of self-care, anything that results in improving your health, confidence level, or happiness may fall in the category of self-care.

7) Take Responsibility for your Actions

Considering yourself responsible for your actions and their consequences is the keystone of an abundant mindset. It can prove to be very crucial piece of puzzle to for breaking poverty cycle. This means recognizing your own mistakes and learning from them as well.

Many a time the lessons taught by failures are very critical towards achieving prosperity and abundance in life. This is something you’ll miss out on if you run away from taking responsibility for your actions.

But, You need not take responsibility for other people’s feelings and actions!. They are responsible for their own circumstances.

8) Don’t Give Up

Finally, never give up on your dreams of prosperity and abundance. Just because you didn’t experience success in the past doesn’t mean that you won’t again in the future. Trust that universe will help you fulfill your dreams at the right time. Also, keep a firm belief that you’ll have many opportunities in life to create the life you desire.

When you feel disheartened or ready to give up, just refer back to the self-care methods you listed down earlier during the previous steps. Often after relaxation and rejuvenation, you will be able to dust yourself off and pick yourself up to once again adopt the positive mindset required for the attraction of wealth.

By Following these 8 steps you can break the vicious cycle of poverty and attract wealth and abundance in life. It may require some time and effort but if you stay firm you can the break the cycle of poverty.

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