What is Poverty Mindset? and How do People Acquire it?

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If you are reading this then there is a good chance that you might as well be a victim of such negative thinking. In that case, questions like, What is a poverty mindset?, What are its definition and causes?, What Are the Signs of a poverty mindset?, and What are the Ways to break the poverty cycle?, are the ones you must be looking for answers to.


Before getting into the answers to these questions it is very important to understand the exact opposite. That is Rich or an Abundant Mindset and where people generally go wrong in its perception.

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General Perception about the Abundant Mindset

The abundant mindset is not all about money. Just as wealth and prosperity have only partly to do with money. The general perception is that you can’t have wealth and abundance if you don’t have money. And if you don’t have the money you are in poverty, that’s not completely true. Having a rich mindset has a lot more to do with:

  • Your attitude towards wealth
  • Your consistency in life
  • And your ability to calculate and take risks along with many other things

Definition of a Poverty Mindset

By definition, a Poverty mindset is a kind of mentality in which a person unknowingly self-sabotages his or her desire for abundance in life, driven by the fear of failure. Thus, developing a negative attitude towards wealth which makes it impossible for them to attract higher opportunities. And having a fearless and optimistic approach is a must to attract these opportunities.

To put it in plain words Poverty mindset is a specific kind of feeling that people develop over time which is consistent with their belief that it is their fate not to have adequate money in life and money is very hard to get but can be lost very easily. This kind of people spends every penny with great care. They believe that opportunities for earning money are scarce compared to risks in which they may end up losing money. Also that, success belongs to some different breed of people and they don’t belong to that breed.

Negative Impacts caused by a Poverty Mindset

If you are in 20% of the world’s population that spends more than 10$ a day then you probably don’t fall in the category of poor people. However, your thoughts and beliefs may be similar to those who fall in this category. This mentality may become a hurdle in your path to achieving what you truly desire and deserve in life. Big opportunities attract only those who have stomach for it and fortune always favors the brave.

How Do You Acquire Poverty Mindset?

It is also called poverty mentality syndrome sometimes which you acquire mostly because of your social circle. At times, it can also be triggered by a feeling that can grow inside you which stimulates this negativity without you knowing that you are falling into the devil’s trap.

Although getting a poverty mentality is not something that you acquire by choice but the good news is that there are ways by which you can get rid of it. So that you can develop the right attitude towards a fulfilling life.

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