8 Simple Tips to Make an Achievable Plan

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Regardless of the social status, everyone has some aspirations, desires, and goals for a better future. If you’re serious about manifesting your dreams into reality then having a concrete and achievable plan is the most crucial piece of the puzzle.


Generally, people are very excited to start something new, but when they come across hindrances and roadblocks their excitement fades away. In most cases, their motivation level drops, and they stop perusing that plan.

To keep you focused and steadfast, your plan must be actionable and achievable. Here are 8 simple tips to make an achievable and actionable plan.

Featured Image for the Post: 8 Simple Tips to Make an Achievable Plan

1) Know Why

Before you begin with anything, you need to lay out the proper foundations of your plan. First, you need to gain clarity about what is it that you want to achieve and why do you want it. It will guide you throughout your plan to remain focused and keep going on even when the road gets rough. So it is very important to know your ‘why’ before you start.

2) Write down Your Goals

In order for your plan to work, it is very important that you write down your goals. Writing them down keeps on reminding you that why are you putting all this effort and what you’ll get at the end of this struggle. Also make sure that your goals are SMART (i-e Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound)

3) Create Short Milestones

It is important that you breakdown each of your goals into further relatively small sub-goals. These Sub-goals would be short milestones of your long journey. After achieving each milestone you can relax and pat yourself on the back. This way you’ll remain charged and enthusiastic through the course of your journey.

4) Develop Good Habits

If you’re hoping to be successful with your plan then you need to maintain discipline. And what better way of maintaining discipline than to develop some new good habits – the habits of successful people. These habits can be writing a daily to-do list, reviewing your weekly goals, or even daily exercise. Not only will these habits help you to be successful with your plan but also play a positive role in your personal development.

5) Never Miss Twice

Continuously putting effort for the success of your plan can prove to be exhausting at times and days may come when you don’t feel up for it. It is perfectly normal to feel this way, no big deal you can take a day off. But only to be back the very next day with the same enthusiasm and commitment. Adopt this attitude of “never miss twice”, so that you don’t get straggled in the way.

6) Know the Importance of Each Task in your Plan

Understand the importance of each task in your plan. It will have the biggest impact on making your plan successful. There is only a limited amount of time in a day and you should learn to use it efficiently. For this, you should know which task is more important and what amount of time must be spent on which task. This way you will not end up wasting your time on non-important issues and put more focus on the most important tasks.

7) Harness the Power of the Group

When you’re working alone, you may get stuck and straggled at some point and lose motivation and hope to achieve your plan. But when you are working with people having similar goals, your efficiency and chances of success increase significantly. This way you can help and keep each other motivated in case you are faced with any difficulty. Online forums and discussion groups are effective approaches to find and work with like-minded people.

8) Take Time for Yourself

Finally, give proper time and attention to your own self. Make sure that that you’re at your best mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How will you achieve your plan or anything else if you’re not bringing out your A Game?

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