2 Cup Method: A Strange but Powerful Manifestation Technique

2 Cup Method A Strange Manifestation Technique

Today we’ll be talking about a very strange but interesting manifestation technique called the “2 Cup Method”. It helps to change your possibly undesired life scenario to an abundant and fulfilling one.


When I first read about this idea in a blogpost I became so intrigued that I knew right away this is something I have to try.

The 2 Cup Method is a very effective manifestation technique based upon the idea of dimension switching.

The theory behind it is that whenever a major change takes place in your life, it means that you have switched to a different dimension of your life. Even small changes in your life imply that you’re gently nudged into a different dimension. It is a very powerful manifestation technique to help you switch to a positive mental dimension.

People supporting 2 Cup method believe in the multi-universe concept. It means that there is an infinite number of universes in the galaxy. And any past or future life scenario that you can think of is true only in another universe. So yes according to this theory you’re a multi-billionaire in some other universe or married to your childhood crush or any other possible scenario that you can think of or not.

So if you’re looking to manifest your dreams into reality then let’s get down to how this method works.

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How 2 Cup Method Works:

How 2 Cup Method Works

Although it may seem a bit complicated at first, but it is a very intuitive and easy-to-follow manifestation technique.

Things You Need:

  • 2 Cups
  • Piece of Paper (or sticky notes)
  • Tape
  • Pen

Step 1: Label the Cups

First, you need to take two cups one filled with water and one empty then label both the cups. On the filled cup write your current life scenario like “Unsatisfied, struggling to earn kitchen money”. Label the second empty cup with your future desired life scenario. Which may seem like, “Enjoying a happy, satisfied, and abundant life”, or it may be something more imaginative like, “Sipping Margarita with my Girlfriend on my Private Yacht”.

Step 2: Watch the Cups

After you’ve labeled the two cups, meditate and try to contemplate your current life scenario and the future desired situation. And try to imagine how life would be in your preferred future reality.

Step 3: Pour the Water

Pour water from your current situation cup to the desired future cup, While getting the feel of your future abundant life scenario.

While poring the water, go deep into your aspired life scenario and try to relate both cups with your present and future lives. Listen carefully to the droplets slowly pouring from one glass to another and imagine your circumstances shifting from your current unsatisfactory situation to a more pleasant and better one.

Step 4: Drink the Water

While keeping yourself in this positive zone of abundant life, slowly drink the water (from your future desired cup). Feel excited about it, that you have successfully transformed your life scenario. Imagine that, you’re plucking the fruits from the gardens of your newly created zone of a beautiful and prosperous life. Know that now your mindset is vibrating at a higher level and you’re ready to attract the right opportunities, events, and people.

Step5: Get rid of the Current Reality Cup:

After you’re done drinking the water, tear down your “current reality” label while you can keep the other one.

Now train your mind to stay aligned with this new dimension of your desired reality, you’ll see that good thing will start coming your way.

This is how 2 Cup method works and after following this method and similar manifestation techniques, many people from around the globe have experienced magical transformation in their lives.

Please note that manifestation is all about turning your dreams into reality, yet, you should not expect the results overnight. 2 Cup Method is a wonderful manifestation technique but like all good things it takes time to work its magic.

The Other Version

For some people, the current circumstances may have grown so big on them, that it is impossible for them to imagine themselves in their desired life scenario. They may feel that the current reality cup is so heavy that it may taint the desired reality cup. If this is the case, just know that it is perfectly normal to feel this way at times. Give yourself time and try it some other day when you are in a better mental state.

FAQs related to 2 Cup Method

Why is Manifesting so Powerful?

Most of the Manifestation techniques are derivatives of the Law of Attraction. And Law of Attraction focuses on raising your inner vibrations to the level of your desired reality. Once your mental energy is aligned with that desired reality, your subconscious mind and your physical being follow the same. When your complete system is unified and working towards the same goal, chances of success increase significantly.

How Does Manifestation Work?

What manifestation does is that it change your mind’s focus and thought pattern towards a specific aspiration, which ripples this effect from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. This positive affirmation of yours then get itself aligned with your energetic frequencies. Eventually, your body and mind get synced to work toward a common goal that amps up the chances of success towards achieving this desire or aspiration.

Is Manifesting a Sin?

Whether manifesting is a sin or not purely depends upon what you’re manifesting. If you’re manifesting something that doesn’t harm anyone else, there is nothing wrong with manifestation. However, If you’re manifesting something which is religiously and socially unacceptable and can potentially harm other people, then, of course, it is a sin.

Is Manifesting a Spiritual Practice?

Manifestation can be termed as a spiritual as well as a scientific phenomenon because the basic working principle of manifestation is that you’ll attract only the things your mind can perceive, which fall in place with both religious beliefs and scientific studies.

What is the best manifestation method for money?

There are many manifestation methods, which you can use to attract more wealth in your life, like 2 Cup Method, 369 Manifestation Method, 5 x 555 Manifestation Method, etc.

The important things for manifestation to be successful are:

  1. Get clarity of what you want to manifest
  2. What would this thing make you feel after you get it
  3. Create and Stick to a plan for achieving what you want
  4. Be kind and grateful
  5. Eliminate Limiting beliefs from your mind
  6. Allow Universe to work the magic for you
  7. Raise vibrations of your overall feelings
  8. Acknowledge the signs which you receive from Universe

How do I ask the universe for money?

Money Manifestation Through Law of Attraction

Given the right circumstances, everyone will love to manifest more money to live an abundant life. Yet, many people are unable to do it because of their unhealthy approach to money. Money manifestation through the law of attraction is an efficient approach.

Basic Working Principle of Law of Attraction

When you truly desire something, your physical and mental energies, conscious and subconscious mind start resonating at the same frequency. When they are all aligned chances of your success increases. This is the basic working principle of the law of attraction.

Mental Block in Manifestation of Money through Law of Attraction

Financial success is first achieved in mind than in the real world. People’s own mind is the first thing that restricts them from achieving financial success. Considering this, changing your belief system and the way you perceive money through the law of attraction can be the best way for money manifestation.

2 Cup Method | Visual Demonstration

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