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Retailer of sports goods founded in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. (abbreviated as “DICK’S Sporting Goods”). Richard “Dick” Stack created the corporation in 1948, and it today has 854 sites and more than 50,100 staff. A Fortune 500 company, Dick’s sporting goods store is the biggest sports goods store in the United States.


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About Dick’s Sporting Goods Store

In 2020, Dick’s is expected to be the most prominent athletic goods retailer in the United States, with 854 locations. At the end of March 2020, the publicly traded corporation employs over 51,000 people in Coraopolis outside of Pittsburgh. Public Lands, Golf Galaxy, and Chelsea Collective are among the company’s subsidiaries, as is True Runner.


There were around 690 Dick’s sports goods shops, approximately 100 Golf Galaxy locations, and approximately 30 Field and Stream locations in the United States as of 2017. Affinity Sports, Blue Sombrero, and Game Changer were all bought out by the corporation, which led to the creation of Team Sports HQ, a digital product line.

Executive Chairman Edward W. Stack is in charge of the company. As of 2018, Lauren Hobart is the company’s president and CEO, while Lee Belitsky is the CFO. On February 1, 2021, Hobart became the company’s first female CEO, succeeding Edward W. Stack.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Launch New Stores

Ed Stack, Dick’s Sporting Goods’ departing CEO, unveiled a new project for his firm last week on a conference call with investors. The latest effort will begin in the second half of next year. Dick’s aims to develop two outdoor-only retail concepts, dubbed Public Lands, in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio, as early as August of 2021.

A new category of specialized and technical outdoor gear will be Dick’s emphasis next year and beyond when Lauren Hobart transfers to CEO in early 2021. The Stack will be responsible for pushing the initiative and monitoring development in this new category.

Field & Stream, Dick’s 23-store hook and bullet division, will house the other shops in two existing sites. As a result of the Parkland, Florida, mass massacre in 2018, the company’s slow exodus from the hunting market has accelerated. Dick’s immediately ceased selling assault weapons at Field & Stream following that incident. Many businesses have had their hunting sections downsized in the last two years.

The outdoors is one of the locations where we believe there’s a significant potential as we seek to leave Field & Stream and the weapon business,” Stack said last week.

Stack did not know how Public Lands intends to “carve out a separate niche” in the market with its new locations, but he said they would be “different from what you would see with REI.” He did make it plain that Dick’s would no longer sell any of the existing outdoor gear categories that Public Lands will be offering.

According to Stack, “It will be significantly different from what we do at Dick’s now.” As far as we’re concerned, Dick’s camping category is “backyard camping,” if you will. This is going to be a lot more upscale. We estimate that there will be a 20 percent or less overlap between the things we offer in this new idea and those at Dick’s Sporting Goods Store. There will be higher-quality equipment, albeit at a higher price point, higher-quality brands, and higher-quality service.

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