What is the idea of being rich?

Being rich simply means having a lot of money or income. It also defines the amount of cash you have in your bank account. Being rich doesn’t mean you are wealthy, but it may often mean that you are spending a lot of money. Advertisements

What are the characteristics of a poor man?

The characteristics of  poor men include: Advertisements They don’t wish to have a good life. They lack motivation and hesitate to take initiative. They make decisions influenced by others and depend on other’s assistance. They lack planning and organizing skills in life. They are pampered by their parents.

What is the difference between being rich and being wealthy?

Being rich means how much money or material things you own or showing off your wealth. Being wealthy on the other hand has to do with your time. You may be rich but in debt, while being wealthy means you have a positive net worth so it gives you time for the things you want … Read more

What are the psychological effects of poverty?

It has been proven through studies that poorer people have higher stress levels which leads them to depression. And that depression affects human efficiency and productivity. Advertisements

What are the 5 drawbacks of a poverty mindset?

The 5 drawbacks of a poverty mentality are: Advertisements You think you’re a victim of decisions and choices that others make. You fear spending money on things that are non-essential. You are all the time looking for the cheapest alternatives even at the cost of your discomfort. You’re all the time looking for deals and … Read more

Why is Manifesting so Powerful?

Most of the Manifestation techniques are derivatives of the Law of Attraction. And Law of Attraction focuses on raising your inner vibrations to the level of your desired reality. Once your mental energy is aligned with that desired reality, your subconscious mind and your physical being follow the same. When your complete system is unified and working towards the same goal, chances of success increase significantly. … Read more

Is Manifesting a Sin?

Whether manifesting is a sin or not purely depends upon what you’re manifesting. If you’re manifesting something that doesn’t harm anyone else, there is nothing wrong with manifestation. However, If you’re manifesting something which is religiously and socially unacceptable and can potentially harm other people, then, of course, it is a sin. Advertisements

Is Manifesting a Spiritual Practice?

Manifestation can be termed as a spiritual as well as a scientific phenomenon because the basic working principle of manifestation is that you’ll attract only the things your mind can perceive, which fall in place with both religious beliefs and scientific studies. Advertisements