Maurices $9 Jeans | Types and Sizes You Need to Know


Maurices is one of the renowned American women’s clothing brands based in Duluth, and it was founded in 1913. More than 1000 stores in Canada and the US, mainly located in the smaller towns and shopping malls.


Maurices jeans are pretty famous among women, and they have a large variety of jeans. The most liked are Maurices $9 jeans as they are deficient in price and have a large variety in this range from Jeggings, button-up skinny Jeans to Capri jeans.

They also have Maurices $9 jeans for plus-size women. Whereas, in some other similar brands, it is observed that the plus-size are more expensive than the standard sizes. The size ranges from XXS to XL, and Maurice’s $9 jeans also have the most prolonged length options.

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Maurices $9 Jeans Quality


Maurices $9 jeans are best in terms of longevity, and they hold up well even after several years. There are no signs of tears or rips. Even their zipper is also ng lasting and doesn’t break.


The Maurices jeans are an excellent fit, and they are flattering and hug the curves very well.


The Maurices jeans are made of a magnetic Maurices jeans material. It is a blend of spandex, cotton, and poly, and it is excellent for stretching and holding onto its shape.


Mostly the Maurices $9 jeans have whiskers on the upper thighs and fading on the thighs, which is why young women and teenagers like them. They also have designs on the back pockets.

Some of the most liked Maurices Jeans:


EverFlex is an excellent choice for an apple-shaped body type that carries the most weight in the tummy and has narrow hips and narrow shoulders.


The jeggings are different from super skinny-fit jeans, which are more comfortable. Maurices also have different color varieties in jeggings like olive, grey, or burgundy.

About Size of Maurices Jeans

Worldwide, customers seem to be highly pleased with the Maurices $9 jeans size chart, accessible on the company’s website and in its conventional stores. The current Maurices jeans size chart includes standard, plus-size, jeans-related, and bralette-related size recommendations, among others.


Allowing customers to make informed decisions and compare their measurements taken at home or with the aid of one of the clerks working at a particular shop with the table to see which size will be just suitable for them is our view a good step forward.” Hopefully, more firms in the industry will follow Maurices brand’s lead and provide size charts that are just as thorough as Maurice’s product sizing.

Size chart for Maurice’s Jeans

Maurice’s jeans size chart is awe-inspiring in its complexity, as it includes all of the critical sizes not only in the letter-based form starting from XXS and ending on XL, but it also incorporates as many popular standards as possible, which will surely aid customers from all over the world in making the right jeans-oriented purchases.

Maurices Jeans TypesXXSXSSML
Silver Jeans242527834
Heritage Vigoss Jeans042916
Classic Vigoss Jeans2527834

How to choose the right Maurices Jeans size?

It has never been simpler to find the right apparel size offered by the Maurices brand. When it comes to Maurices jeans size charts, the firm has opted to create a comprehensive and all-encompassing chart that covers all of the brand’s products and is designed for males and females. With the help of the Maurices $9 jeans size chart provided, even customers who have never bought Maurices products will have no trouble choosing the right pair of jeans!

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