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If you’re looking to shop for Christmas you should definitely browse Rite Aid Christmas collection. Rite Aid Halloween collection, Rite Aid Wellness+ Program, and many more things that you can find under one roof at Rite Aid “one-stop” shop.


Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Spending time with friends and family, the food, decor, and music. It is almost everyone’s favorite time of the year.

It is a difficult task to buy new decorations or accessories every year, especially with so many options available in the market. One of the best places to buy holiday things is rite aid because they always have a nice assortment of goodies and things you can’t find anywhere else.

If you live on a tight budget and can’t afford expensive things then rite aid got you covered. Rite Aid is budget-friendly and when they have sales they are amazing.

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Rite Aid Christmas and Halloween Collection

The Rite aid Christmas collection is huge. You can choose from many cookies options. They also have Danish cookies that come in a blue metal tin box. These cookies are great as a snack or dipping in tea.

Rite aid Christmas collection also includes some plush elf too. Moreover, the Rite-aid Christmas collection has Santa with a countdown for days left till Christmas. They also have Santa to put outside the door to greet people.

During the Halloween season, rite aid has different variety of items. They were selling a really fun nail polish collection that contains two glow-in-the-dark nail polishes. These are from Bonita Cosmetics named “Nail-O-Ween”. There are also selling other beautiful nail polishes too from the same brand.


Moreover, one more exciting goodie for Halloween available at Rite aid is Halloween Barbie. It has two-toned hairs. They also have an amazing Halloween candy sale where you can buy some candies for trick-or-treaters at a really good price.

For thanksgiving, you can also find turkey figurines, towels, candle holders, napkins, and table decor items.

British Sterling cologne for him is also available at Rite aid. They can be a nice gift item. Initially, both the cologne smells the same but after a minute or two one can smell the difference. Reserve has a nice scent whereas Private Stock has a lighter scent.

Rite aid as a “one-stop” shop:

In short, Rite-aid is a “one-stop” shop for over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, grocery items, beauty products, seasonal and holiday things, and many more.

Rite aid is unique as they understand the importance of personalized care. They know that even during holidays people are going to need medicine. Rite Aid pharmacists not only dispense medicine but also help you and your family to stay healthy. Mostly Rite aid stores are open on holidays including New Year’s Eve and Christmas. However, some stores may be operating for liming hours.

While shopping at Rite aid don’t forget to subscribe to Wellness+ program for great rewards and savings. Money can be saved by using a wellness+ card.

Wellness+ Program at Rite Aid:

There is a wellness+ program at rite aid that has so many benefits that include managing and redeeming coupons with Load2Card, members-only savings, and 24/7 access to a pharmacist on online chat. Also, with the use of the wellness+ card, there will be some points earned towards wellness rewards such as health screening, gym membership or magazine subscription and a store discount.

On the collection of 250 points that is Bronze, Rite aid offers a one-time-use 10% off shipping pass and 10% off on all Rite aid products for a whole year.

On a collection of 500 points that is Silver, Rite Aid offers a free wellness reward such as health screening, gym membership, or magazine subscription, and 10% off the entire store for a year.

On collection of 1000 points that is Gold, Rite-aid 20% off the entire store for a year.

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