How do you do the two cup method?

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Although it may seem a bit complicated at first, but it is a very intuitive and easy-to-follow manifestation technique.

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Step 1: Label the Cups – First, you need to take two cups one filled with water and one empty then label both the cups. On the filled cup write your current life scenario like “Unsatisfied, struggling to earn kitchen money”. Label the second empty cup with your future desired life scenario. Which may seem like, “Enjoying a happy, satisfied, and abundant life”, or it may be something more imaginative like, “Sipping Margarita with my Girlfriend on my Private Yacht”.

Step 2: Watch the Cups – After you’ve labeled the two cups, meditate and try to contemplate your current life scenario and the future desired situation. And try to imagine how life would be in your preferred future reality.

Step 3: Pour the Water – Pour water from your current situation cup to the desired future cup, While getting the feel of your future abundant life scenario.

Step 4: Drink the Water – While keeping yourself in this positive zone of abundant life, slowly drink the water (from your future desired cup).

Step5: Get rid of the Current Reality Cup – After you’re done drinking the water, tear down your “current reality” label while you can keep the other one. Now train your mind to stay aligned with this new dimension of your desired reality, you’ll see that good things will start coming your way.

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